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Maintenance and service

MSZeewolde provides maintenance and service for every type of diesel engine, and diesel generator in shipping, industry and boating.


MSZeewolde services engine components and generator components for each type (diesel) engine in shipping, industry and boating.

Revision and overhaul

MSZeewolde provides in the complete overhaul of your engine. After an engine overhaul your engine will function for many years without any problems.


When a marine engine or generator is damaged or does not longer function in its best way, a thorough inspection can shed light on the necessary maintenance or replacement of parts. MSZeewolde carries out inspections of ship engines and industrial generators.

Environmental classification

If you want to make sure your marine and industrial installations comply with environmental legislation, MSZeewolde provides the classification certification according to TIER and CCNR.

Education and training

MSZeewolde provides education and training in the field of maintenance of diesel engines and diesel generators for shipping and industry.