Rouiba, Algeria
Based on my previous inspection of this engine (6 months ago) to determine potential damages caused by rain – or sea water during transport, I finally conducted the repair of this engine. Fortunately – or unfortunately the left side of the engine suffered the most of the water damage. Based on the fact that 1 cylinder in particular was flooded, only this cylinder head and potentially the liner shall be changed. A potential danger, I was facing, that corrosion could have continue growing further and contaminating more parts of the engine because inspection and repair did not follow up straight after each other.
However fortunate that did not happen, in this case I did reach the liner wall. The following parts were removed and changed by me, 4 x turbo chargers, new piston rings, new liner and a new cylinder head. Assembled all parts, finalise engine assembly, and after a proper test run unloaded and loaded the client was very satisfied of the engine performances as well for the repair.